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Faced with issues related to the functioning of a production (24/7/365 business continuity, expertise on specific technologies, absorption of peak loads, cost optimization…) and with constraints related to user support (extending time slots, work services and environments which evolve and become more complex, a context more and more international, growing demands of users), outsourcing has become the solution for many CIOs.

It allows you to benefit from the skills and flexibility that you might not necessarily have internally to:


  • Manage your everyday IT system and its transformation;
  • Provide effective support at any time to your users, whoever they are, wherever they are;
  • Industrialize processes to optimize unit costs and align your service levels to your business challenges;
  • Identify progress plans for a lasting contribution in order to improve the quality;
  • Reposition your teams on projects with high-added value for your business.

In response to these challenges, we offer modular and mastered offers on-site or from our Service Centers, in order to outsource all or part of the activity of your IT Department in accordance with your cost, performance and responsiveness requirements.



  • A customized organisation managed on-site and/or remotely from our Service Centers, by trained, experienced and independent workers on your scope for an outsourcing in comfort;
  • An outsourcing conducted in a workmanlike manner (transition, operation and reversibility phase) and aligned with the best practices (ITIL, e-SCM) for delivery to meet your needs and those of your users;
  • Services supervised by a Quality Service Plan and a Services Convention for a clearly identified scope;
  • A tight control of delivery (reporting, committees, audit, satisfaction survey) to meet our service level commitments and bring you the expected visibility on our performance;
  • A comprehensive approach to continuous improvement and capitalizing on the knowledge we have of your environment, to bring you the analyzes necessary for the implementation of improvement plans, as well as work on the processes and procedures to industrialize our services and improve the service made.